2017 CSA Shares Information

How to Participate in our 2017 CSA

We understand that how families spend their food dollars is very important – everybody must make choices! When Times are tough, people need to help each other. So we offer our shares on a sliding scale basis.

The suggested season price of a share is $725 per household. We feel a $725 share price offers an excellent value. Over the 25 week season (June 2, 2017 to November 17, 2017), the cost is less than $30 for each weekly pick-up.

There is often an extra abundance of many items so if you wish to experiment with food preservation, can, dry, ferment, freeze or otherwise preserve this surplus. Other farm products (eggs, flowers and herbal products) are also available during the CSA pickup for an additional cost. It is recommended to pre-order these items to ensure we will have them for you.

NEW! – Summer Share

We do not offer “half” or partial shares, because we do not portion the amount of vegetables that our members take home.

However, this year we are offering a summer-only share: 9 weeks running from July 7 to September 1, 2017. This share is geared towards folks who mainly want to partake of the high-season bounty of the summer. The cost of the summer only share is $315.

Sliding scale quality food purchase opportunity

farmers-market-produce-displayAs growers we will work to supply an abundance of fresh vegetables, and herbs for all of our members, regardless of the price they are able to pay.

For those families and individuals for whom the suggested amount doesn’t work for their food budget, or who have smaller households, we offer a sliding scale. We currently allow our members to support us with the amount that their own particular food budget allows. We can also take payments over the season and possibly arrange work-shares. We are committed to trying to grow for all in the community who want to become shareholders, and feel a CSA share cost shouldn’t be prohibitive to anyone who wants healthy sustainable food for their families, so no one will be turned away.

Our Invitation for your Non-financial Contribution

kevin-owen-fixing-tractorWe invite you be an involved member by contributing work. This is not a requirement. In our history of running a CSA, we have learned that members feel the benefits and connection when they participate beyond financial contribution. Your help and involvement is the Community part of CSA! The farm’s energy and success increases because of you!

There are many ways you can participate: at the farm on harvest days and at regular work-parties, or helping organize member’s events like potlucks and workshops, or work from home helping the administration, website, marketing, and other needed projects. If you have other ideas and skills please let us know what you’d like to offer.

Season Extension

We usually have produce before and after the CSA season (in May and late November) and are happy to offer this food to full-season CSA members at a discount.

Where & when to pickup your farmshare:

Our main pick up location is on the farm:

2253 County Highway 22 (East Brook Rd), about 2 1/2 miles from Walton
Pick up day is all day on Friday, 10:30am til 7pm.

Alternatively, you can pick up your share at our stands at the Franklin farmers market (Sunday) or the Delhi farmers market (Wednesday).

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