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      In building a new world paradigm, the subject of the global environment and how to achieve a sustainable world system must be part of a top priority to list for any committed individual or organization. For the PanTerra D'Oro Society this is certainly the case, and therefore, this section of our GEM courses will bring forth materials to build the understanding and knowledge in this vital subject.  We proceed in this on the maxim As Within, So Without, and know that the issue of environment remediation is virtually the same as the need for personal health and rejuventation.  Our external environment reflects our collective internal state, so the two subjects of Health & Well-Being and Envirnoment & Sustainable Living are placed side by side, and certainly go hand in hand. It is our intent as described in our recently complete Master Plan to build educational models and tools to establish the optimum level of knowledge and applications in these two vital subjects, and to found our society and the living universities intended to be built with these subjects as central to our educational model.
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