Intentional Community and Culture

Our Intentional Community:

workers in the field

There is something exciting happening on 92 acres in Walton, NY.

A small group of egalitarian-minded individuals purchased this land in 2015 with the intention of building a peaceful, active, socially engaged and resilient community based on permaculture design ethics and principles, regenerative farming, cooperation, and ecological living.

Some of us were farmers with previous CSA experience.  We started the East Brook whole-farm CSA with intention of creating a thriving worker’s coop.  Now, we seek others to join us who are also interested in right livelihood and growing veggies and stewarding animals, tree and plant nurseries, mushrooms, herbs, bees, etc.

Let’s expand the conversation…

people-discussion-meeting-livingroonThis land and community can support folks with other skill sets and entrepreneurial passions too. It can be a base for small crafts, blacksmithing, child and adult education, permaculture design and installation, wildcrafting, and much more. There may even be opportunities for those who work online, or have a passion for hospitality like organizing farm stays and retreats and wish to live in community.

What is an Egalitarian Community?

Our Intentional Culture:

Our culture is fundamentally important to us.  We expect and support each other to show up with our whole selves (sharing about our emotional, spiritual, and physical sides with each other), to embody healthy leadership, considerate decision-making, healthy collaboration, self-management, ability to listen and appreciate differing points of view from our own, ability to collaborate.  We’re fostering all these things here by doing different forms of personal growth practices – collectively and individually.