Ways to Plug in

Who we are

people-talking-on-hillA small group of us have purchased this beautiful farmland in 2015 with the intention of building a peaceful, active, socially engaged and resilient community based in permaculture, cooperation, and ecological living. We are farmers ourselves and operate a veggie CSA and herbal business this year with the vision of creating a worker’s coop as part of the economic base of the community.

Who are you?

Are you interested in right livelihood and in all aspects of growing things: veggies, animals, tree and plant nursery, mushrooms, herbs, bees etc.? We are looking for you. For folks with other skillsets and entrepreneurial passions, the land and community could be a base for small crafts, blacksmithing, woodwork, agroforestry (much of the land is wooded) education, permaculture design and installation, wildcrafting, and much more.

We especially seek those interested in regenerative farming practices: Holistic Management, Permaculture, Silvopasture, etc. and who may also have an interest in cooperative economics and living. We also have the opportunity for on-farm education and hospitality, and would love to talk with folks who may have a passion for this work.

The Work

women-work-cider-pressTasks include work in the vegetable garden, greenhouse, tree work/orchard management, animal care – cows, chickens, ducks, wildcrafting, herbal preparation, food preservation, tending to perennials, infrastructure repair and more. We strive for diversity.

The Land

The land has good soil, multiple springs, a large stream, and is in the beautiful western Catskills about 2 miles from Walton, NY and 150 miles from New York City.


We have one internship position for the 2017 season.  April 1st- Nov. 1st. $100/week. Interns participate in the day to day work of the farm focused primarily on the vegetable and culinary herb operation.  Over the season this includes soil fertility, direct seeding, transplanting, cultivation, irrigation management, disease & pest control, seeding in greenhouse, no-till bed building and bed preparation, compost making, potting mix making, watering, planting, cultivating, thinning veg seedlings, weeding, compost tea making and foliar spraying, harvesting, vegetable cleaning and storing, working with drip irrigation, prepping for csa pick ups and attending markets. Must be flexible for other daily needs on the farm.  You most likely will be in charge of our monthly news letter and contribute to website blog posts.

Ideal candidate:

We are looking for someone who is good with time management and structure and is a quick learner.  Someone with a good amount of initiative, likes working with others, can follow direction and can work independently. Someone who knows their limits. Has self awareness and is on a journey to continue furthering their self awareness. It’s important that you’re good with people, can help lead volunteers and wwoofers and has a friendly, energetic and interested demeanor at farmers markets. Must have a valid drivers license, and the ability to lift at least 50 lbs. Ideally you have some handy skills, like to cook, and research needed aspects of farming. Interested in learning about or has experience in animal care a plus.

Wwoofers/ Workawayers:

We accept up to 2 woofers year round, and 4 seasonally. Some of the projects you may be doing while wwoofing is creating sheet mulch no-till garden beds, fencing, animal care (pasture rotation, egg collection etc.), cooking, house renovation (of 1800’s farm house into a more sustainable house/education center). There is room for flexibility of work depending on your experience, knowledge, and interest. There are creative projects if you enjoy some autonomy, such as beehive making, or projects that need many hands if you enjoy working together, such as converting the chicken coop into a community bath house. Being capable of both is a plus. We expect at least 30 hours/week of work and are happy to be involved with teaching and leading as much as we can to give more learning and experience to you. We do weekly scheduled skill sharing events. We have a shared bedroom year round in the farmhouse and plenty of land for camping.


Do you live near by? Want to meet some like minded folks? Please contact us for a visit.


This farm has tremendous potential to become even more abundant and beautiful place. We have a wish list.  If you would like to make a donation please contact eastbrookcommunityfarm@gmail.com. Thank You!

Intentional Community, Land Trust, Equity Shares, Homesteading Opportunities

We are an Intentional Community in formation.  We are looking for co-creators who are interested in the Federation of Egalitarian Communities model. http://www.thefec.org

We are open to exploring possibilities with potential community members who may not be seeking a shared income, but who seek a homestead of their own and may be interested in a Community Land Trust type equity sharing arrangement.

This is a start up opportunity ideally situated to do well and for the abundance to be shared. Currently, shared housing available in a large farmhouse for worker coop members, and opportunities exist on the land for independent homesteads and tent sites as well.

Multi-Generational, Non-Denominational and Eclectic

The Farm is open and welcoming to folks of all races, gender identification, sexual orientations, faiths, spiritual practices, with or without children….

Ready for the Next Step?

Contact Us About a Farm Visit

Call us at: 607 865 5529 or email us to set up an appointment to visit the farm and discuss your unique skills, talents, goals, hopes, needs and dreams.

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