Permaculture Design
Workshops and Consultations

We will be offering regular permaculture workshops at the farm. These workshops are designed to help people improve their quality of life, food and productivity of their property, while lowering their carbon footprint.

We also offer free Permaculture workshops and introductory lectures for non-profits and local community groups. Contact us for an affordable consultation and design for your home and land as well as “no-till” consults for farmers and gardeners.

What is Permaculture?

permaculture-7-aspects-imagePermaculture is a term coined by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Australia. The term is a mix of “permanent”, “culture” and “agriculture”. A Permaculture design is based on a set of ethics and design principles simply summarized as: Good for Earth – Good for People – Fair Share (or Share the Surplus).

Permaculture is a “whole systems design” methodology based on science and careful observation of the “pattern language” in Nature. Although designs all follow the same basic principles, no two are exactly alike, as they are based on careful observation of what is unique and indigenous to the specific region and site for which the design is being crafted.

This wholistic systems-design methodology integrates water flow into and through a property, energy usage and efficiency, composting in smart ways, increasing soil fertility, improving water holding and storage capacity of soils, alternative building and construction methods, integrating animals, plants and trees, social and “invisible structures” such as local zoning regulations and integration with the greater community… and so much more.